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Get your new business off to a flying start and establish a brand that works for your target market with our tailored start-up package.
What’s involved?
Firstly, the OCTOPUS team will work closely with you to understand your new business and define:
• Your goals and vision
• Your value proposition, and how it differs from the competition
• Your products or services
• Your target audience
• Your brand and company personality

What will you achieve?
Having got to know you and your business, we’ll deliver the tools you need to get the business launched, present a professional, polished offering to your customers – and start selling quickly.

Based on our 22 years’ marketing experience, we’ll create for you:
• A fresh, modern brand that’s expertly tailored to your audience, complete with strapline, logo and imagery
• Brand guidelines to ensure your brand remains consistent and on-point
• A website that’s designed to draw your audience in and inspire action
• Attractive stationery and business cards
• A top-level marketing action plan to get your business noticed and build your online presence

In addition to this package, we offer ongoing support to put your marketing plan into action, managing your campaigns and refining your marketing strategy as your business grows.

Ready to take the next step?

Discover more about our startup package and launch your business with confidence.
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