Luke Chapman

Luke is an experienced digital marketer and has worked in SEO for many years, helping varied businesses and organisations climb search engine rankings for their most important keyword searches. He has an eye for detail as well as analysis. He can quickly diagnose issues with search engine optimisation strategies that prevent ranking growth, offering solutions that will give great long-term results. Content writing and SEO optimised website text form an essential part of Luke’s successful SEO work. He specialises in taking businesses who do not appear in the top one hundred search results in Google for their most important keywords to eventually be on the first page, with many clients sitting continuously at result number one.

He also works to implement social media marketing campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Luke will choose the optimum platform based on the audience and the unique objectives of your business. The social media strategies that Luke implements will grow a following, interactions and engagement. He will implement effective social media advertising across any of these four most popular channels, enabling the outreach of campaigns to be widened and aimed at important target audiences. The link between social media and your website is cemented with analytics to monitor the growth in social media traffic hitting your site. Luke will enable website tracking to analyse how social media followers go from social channels to your web pages to complete your desired actions, such as filling in an enquiry form, meaning that these campaigns will deliver results for your business.

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